Digital HD Maps "Europa"

Digital HD Maps "Europa" 1.0

The Digital HD maps “Europe” illustrate the complete European continent
1.0 (See all)

The Digital HD maps “Europe” illustrate the complete European continent. In a realistic 3D-Look with high Pyrenees summits and deep alpine valleys, gently waved Mediterranean and unfathomably dark polar sea. With Nordic forests, juicy green country in our widths and rather dry and meager areas at the Mediterranean. With deep fjords in Norway, shining Finnish lakes and the icy northern Urals. With the highly rising Etna on Sicily, the large salt lakes in adjacent North Africa and the dry high country of La Mancha in central Spain. Send your fantasy on a journey and discover our homeland continent, in order to carry your spectators forward on your travel routes. This product consists of a collection of altogether 123 maps. The maps were divided into three Subcategories: The maps for itself, with frontiers and once with borders and city names. The map material is placed with a dissolution up to 5.000 x 4,000 (approx. 19 megapixels) pixels. The maps are thus in the size „as made“ for use in HDV projects. Of course the maps can be used also in PAL and NTSC projects. Particularly the color choice was coordinated with the needs by video signals, so that over-full colors or color fringing do not arise, if one uses digitally the hp maps in the original.

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